Hi. We are Kris & Jack. We are different in many ways. We live in different cities. Our height, weight, shoe size...all different. We've never been able to share our closets with each other (thank goodness for handbags and earrings!) But, one thing we do share, is our love of fashion.

We feel like your wardrobe is a platform to express yourself.  We want you to look on the outside how you feel on the inside. We want to inspire you, empower you, and give you the confidence to put effortless looks together regardless of body type or budget!



You don't learn style from watching people on a runway. Fashion happens every morning when you wake up.
– Shalom Harlow

Kris & Jack met the first day of college at the University of Texas at Austin. Kris had long acrylic nails, big hair, and a lot of hot pink and sequins. A West Texas girl at her finest. Jack came from Houston decked out in Abercrombie, boy band tees, and unruly eyebrows. They obviously needed each other. On move-in day, Jack heard loud banging coming from the other side of the wall. When Jack opened the door, there was Kris hammering her Britney Spears poster in with a platform shoe. All Jack could say was, "Oh! Cute shoes!" They were a match made in heaven. Through countless trips to the mall, shared issues of InStyle, and a lot of brutal honesty, they survived college- walking away with a more evolved sense of style.


Years later (we won't say how many), our style is still evolving, thank goodness! This is a place to share what inspires us. We want to show you how you can bring runway fashion to your everyday style. We feel that regardless of budget, you can look chic not cheap. Whether you are petite or plus size, you can dress to flatter your body type. No matter what you have planned for your day, whether it's running kids around or running a company, you can look effortlessly put together. You can do it all, and we can help you look amazing doing it!