Holiday Shopping Guide: For the men in your life!

This week we want to talk about the men in your life. For me (Kris), this one takes more thought because I don't just buy things I want. I have to put myself in his shoes. Here are some great options:

I know we have told you about the Yeti cups before, and unless you have been living under a rock, you have certainly seen them! But have you met the newest Yeti family member, the Lowball? It's 10 oz and much more versatile in my opinion. It's great for coffee, or if a guy in your life is a liquor drinker, these are great for drinks served on the rocks. Pair this cup with one of these cute ice molds and his drink will be gone long before it ever starts to get hot. 


Another great gift option is a membership to a shave club. There are a couple options out there, Harry's and Dollar Shave Club.  It's actually a win win because, if it's your husband, you don't have to remember to buy razors at the store anymore! And if it's for your Dad or another special man in your life, what a great gift! He no longer has to remember to buy (and overpay) for razors!!  

My husband loves fun socks! In fact I don't even think he owns a solid pair of dress socks anymore. I love to borrow them and wear them with my booties or Hunter rain boots (he does not like that I do this for the record). I found this fun sock club membership for him. You can choose how bold or fun you want the socks to be and one or two pairs a month will be delivered right to their door. 


I have loved The North Face since college when I would wear my zip up over my pj's and nobody ever knew. The pullovers and jackets are so cute, and now I wear them over more than pj's. I got this pullover last year for my husband and it has become his go-to. It's so stylish and cute and they don't even have to try to look good when wearing's effortless. 

Some special men in my life!

Some special men in my life!

I (jack) always struggle when it comes to buying gifts for men...guys, why are you so hard to buy for?! I am thankful that I really only have to purchase for men in my family, and have a pretty good idea of their likes and dislikes, so I can narrow it down.

Every Christmas, we all get new pajamas and slippers on Christmas Eve. My mom started this tradition when my sister and I were little, and we are carrying it on to our own families. It is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. This year, I have found an alternative to the pricey UGG slipper. Nordstrom has made a faux shearling moccasin slipper that is super soft and comfy. They have a durable sole that allows him to go outside or run to the store without ruining or soaking them. You can find them here.

I LOVE almost all of the gifts sets that Sephora does each holiday season, but I reason love the fragrance sample packs that they offer. Sephora takes its top 10 selling perfumes and colognes and creates a sample pack (one for men & one for women).  The gift recipient is able to try all 10 scents and pick a favorite one. Then, they can go to any Sephora store and turn in the enclosed gift voucher for a full sized bottle of the scent they liked most. So cool! I think buying something that smells good is so much fun, but its also very personal. This is the best of both worlds!

When shopping around, I found this Timex Weekend Watch box gift set. You might have noticed the classic Timex watch gracing the pages of every J. Crew catalog over the past decade. This watch style is timeless (haha...get it!?). It has clean lines, a stainless steel face, is water resistant, and comfortable. The Timex watch strap is also very easy to change out. So whether your favorite strap gets ruined, or you like options, its easy and affordable to change up. Urban Outfitters has this Timex watch set that includes 3 fun straps: tan leather, black nylon, and black & white tweed. You can find it here.

Some of the special men in my life!

Some of the special men in my life!

I hope you all are getting into the holiday spirit! I have seen lots of beautiful pictures on Instagram of Christmas trees already put out. I cannot wait to get mine up...could someone come get everything out of the attic for me, though?

Wishing you all a fabulous week!





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