What I am about to tell you is hard to see in pictures, so you are just going to have to trust me. Living Proof Restore line has literally changed my hair from straw to soft hair! Let me back up a little and tell you how I found this little miracle and how my hair was fried to begin with.

This summer, I went to some to have my hair balyaged and the ends got totally fried. Combine bleached hair, heat styling, with sun and chlorine and my hair was broken, brittle, and so dry!  My mom actually used the word straw to describe it. As in hay.  I really didn't think my hair would ever recover and I was wondering how I would look with a pixie cut. I bought some of the THE MOST EXPENSIVE  (the brands shall remain anonymous) hair masks, treatments, serums,  oils, you name it...I bought it. I was desperate to avoid the pixie. But nothing seemed to really work, and honestly I thought that once you ruined your hair you just had to cut it. There was no fixing, repairing or mending.

So, I went to a new salon to have my hair done (hoping someone could give me the look I wanted without damaging my hair further) and they require a consultation before they will book your appointment.  The salon is a Living Proof salon, I didn't even know they had those. I had used a few of their products before but mostly for styling. While I was there the girl asked me if I had ever used the restore line, and I told her no. She talked me into buying the travel kit found here which included shampoo, conditioner , and a mask. She swore that in two weeks my hair would be dramatically better. I reluctantly bought it but seriously doubted it.

I know it is hard to tell but it was at its worse when Jack and I were in NY for Fashion Week. When I would touch my hair it would break. Literally. Little pieces (mainly around my face) would fall out. 

If you look closely you can tell how broken it is all along the side.

If you look closely you can tell how broken it is all along the side.

Here is what the website says about the line:

Break the cycle of damage. Restore technology is clinically proven to make hair 20x stronger in just 14 days. And the longer you use it, the healthier your hair gets. Restore smoothes, corrects and protects from root-to-tip, making a damaged cuticle act like new. Hair is shinier, softer and stronger. Like virgin hair - never colored, heat styled or chemically processed.
Restore is the only silicone and oil-free solution for dry, damaged hair. It leverages our patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA) to create a microfine Restorative Shield that: helps damaged cuticles act like new, restores moisture levels to that of healthy, undamaged hair and repels dirt and oil so you can shampoo and style less often for a healthier hair care routine.
Here is just a few weeks ago (hubby cropped out, sorry babe). I have been using the line for about 2 months. 

Here is just a few weeks ago (hubby cropped out, sorry babe). I have been using the line for about 2 months. 

Ok! Let me just tell you, my hair is basically back to where it was before the summer and bleach. This stuff is amazing! Like AHHH-MAAA-ZZZINNNGGG! I seriously can NOT say enough about these products. My hair is soft and no longer breaks every time I run a brush thought it. And no, we are not paid or given anything free to say this (unfortunately!!). I just wanted to share this awesome find with you! I am looking forward to trying their Full line ( you know I love my big hair!!)  now that my hair is healthy again. Jack uses (and LOVES) the No Frizz line.  Have you tried any of their products? I would love to hear your feedback on them as well. 





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