Graphic Tee To The Rescue!

SXSW (South by Southwest) kicked off here in Austin Friday night. If you don't know what that is, it is a huge film, interactive, and music festival that takes place every Spring and lasts about 10 days. Millions of people from all over the world come to town for it; great for the city, horrible for traffic, anyway, that is beside the point. 

My husband and I got invited to one of the biggest interactive kickoff parties by some friends, and we got to do it VIP style. I was so excited because believe it or not, after living in Austin for 15 years, I have never done much for SXSW other than check out a few bands at some local bars. Of course my first thought, just like most girls, was "what am I going to wear?" I had plenty of time to shop for an outfit but of course time ran out. The week of the event I had a sick child, family in from out of town, job interviews, blah blah blah... and never made it to the mall. 

Friday afternoon rolls around and I start to panic as I realize I literally have nothing to wear. Ok, I know I am being dramatic, but sometimes it seriously feels like that. And I know you know what I am talking about! I am on my way home and run into the mall desperately looking for something. Hoping the shopping gods, as I like to call them, will smile down on me and the most perfect outfit will be right at the entrance of Nordstrom. Well, NO SUCH LUCK! Nothing! I found nothing! Just as I was leaving in a slight panic I saw this fun tank top and thought it would be so great for summer (I couldn't find the one I got but similar here). I grabbed it and rushed to my car and started doing a mental inventory of my closet and possible outfits I could put together. I will spare you of all the details on what my closet floor looked like and the temper tantrum I threw after nothing worked.

I saw my new graphic tank hanging on the closet door and wondered if I could some how make it work. I decided to wear it with one of the pencil skirts I wear to work. The shirt is pretty loose and boxy so I tucked just the front in to give it some structure and give me some shape. I added my new necklace from Bauble Bar (similar here), cute heels, and a clutch and voila! Cute outfit (after sending MANY full body selfies to Jack!) I ended up loving.


Graphic tees can be so versatile. They can be worn on the weekends with jeans or cut-offs and dressed up at night with skirts or cropped pixie pants and heels. I hope this gives you some new ideas on how to wear a tee you probably already have hanging in your closet.


Hope you have a great Monday!



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