It's a bird? It's a plane? It's a DRESS?!

So this post is not super informative or showing you how I do something...but it is telling you about a dress I think you HAVE TO HAVE!!!!!!!

My birthday was in March and my mom bought me the cutest dress. I don't know about you, but I love when my mom buys me clothes. It is almost always something I would never pick out but I always love it! Honestly, when I opened this dress up I wasn't sure what if it was to sleep in or to wear but I knew I was in love. 


After realizing its potential (and the fact that it was a dress) I wore it out one night to a girls night. I was SOOOO incredibly comfortable and felt so cute. The cut of the dress is so flattering to my legs yet long enough that I'm not self conscious about it when I sit down. 

Free People Trapeze Dress  here 

Free People Trapeze Dress here 

Whats really funny about this is when I sent a picture of it to Jack (remember we live in different cities) she did a few things: 1) said she loved it 2) said she can't believe its a dress on me because  3)she wears the same "dress" as a shirt with leggings or fitted skinny jeans and 4) she picked the same dress and added a slip underneath it to add length and texture for this beautiful mama for family pictures.


I kind of had an Oprah "ah ha" moment here! Could this piece be just as amazing for all heights and body types? Girls that are 5'2" as it is for girls that are 5'10"? Girls that are curvy or girls that are tall and thin? I have to say I think it is! You can wear this as a top, a dress, or even a swim suit cover up! It can be worn with booties (my most favorite ones that I wear way too often here), wedges, flip flops, flats, cowboy boots, or even cute tennis shoes like converse. 

I am so in love with this "dress" that I have since bought it in black and white as well. Which of course makes my mom feel like she is super hip and cool! 

Here it is in black! I wore it this weekend to an outdoor concert for a date night with my hubby.


I do have to tell you it is pretty sheer so I wear a nude half slip and this bralette underneath.

I hope you don't have a "case of the Monday's!" 



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