Pajama Rama!

"Hi my name is Kris and I am a slob" 

Ok, maybe not, but when it came to my nighttime/sleep wardrobe you would have never known that I have a fashion blog. Up until recently I literally slept in my husbands huge t-shirts...every. single. night! I didn't get the memo that when they show girls wearing that in the movies, its only cute occasionally!  I never knew there was this middle ground between Victoria's Secret and huge XL t-shirts. But there is! And I am proud to say I have found it. 


I really used to think that the only "cute" thing to sleep in would be inappropriate to wear around my kids, not to mention uncomfortable. Now, before you go thinking "great now I have to worry about an outfit to go to bed in" let me clarify, that is not AT ALL what I am saying! Also, know my sweet husband never said a word about what I was wearing to bed and never would have!

 It all started over a girls weekend, and my friend Heather had the cutest, yet so comfortable pjs! She came out of the bathroom in a tank top and matching shorts and I looked down at my holey XL t-shirt and thought "O hell naww!" and suddenly felt so frumpy. The next day when we were doing some shopping, I found these shorts from PJ Salvage on sale and bought three pairs with matching tank tops! They are so soft!


I seriously can not believe how much cuter I feel around the house. I know that sounds really silly but its true, I really do. So, I am trying to add to my collection and found this cute tank and shorts from Target the other day along with these and these. Super cute and really inexpensive! 

So, if you are like me, and find yourself in a PJ rut, I encourage you think outside the XL t-shirt box. You just might be amazed how much you like it!



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