Manic Monday

I hope you had a good weekend! Jack and I got to spend some time together this weekend and we had so much fun! I am sure you saw some of our silliness on Instagram.

So, for my first Manic Monday pick this week I almost feel like I owe you an apology. I just can't believe that I have not already told you about the obsession with the Free People bralette.  It's straight up awesome. I now have them in about 4 colors and wear them all the time. I love them because they are so pretty and even when they show through a tank top or dress it's pretty, unlike when regular bra straps hang out and take away from your outfit. Look how cute the teal one looks under the white dress! ANNNDDD Jack and I are going to be giving one away soon.


Truth be told I have never gotten the whole Yeti obsession. I mean I get it, it keeps ice really cold but I have not understood why that matters unless you are using it instead of a refrigerator or something. Anyway, I am now totally amazed by the cup. Seriously! This thing is incredible!  I work in sales and I am in and out of my car all day long and my water was just as cold at 4:00 at the end of the day  as it was when I filled it up at 8:00 in the morning. And it was 96 degrees on Friday. Amazing!


So, while I know this is far from a "fashion" thing, it is a really awesome thing that anyone who wants their drink to stay nice and cold all summer needs. My husband also has the koozie and his beer stays super cold he says! Bonus, it keeps your drink hot if you are drinking something warm. It has kept my coffee warm for over 8 hours!


One of my (Jack's) favorite things- other than the Yeti- about the road trip my boys and I took this past week, was taking pictures with my Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. First of all, IT IS PURPLE- my favorite color in the whole wide world. Second, it's plain awesome. It is just like an old school Polaroid camera. You snap a pic, and it instantly pops out a credit card sized pic.

Regular retail price for the camera is $100, but I shopped around and found the best deal at Best Buy. You can find it  here  for $69.99 in all of the available colors.

Regular retail price for the camera is $100, but I shopped around and found the best deal at Best Buy. You can find it here for $69.99 in all of the available colors.

We had so much fun taking pics with it! We would all stand around the pic waiting for it to develop. Haha! Instant gratification the 80's way. Fujifilm has upgraded the original design by adding a light meter that helps get the right exposure. The film is pretty pricey, so that added feature helps to take some of the "this better be a good one" pressure off. It is also very lightweight. It is easy to load and handle, making it fun for kids to jump in and snap a pic too. If purple isn't your color, you're in luck, because it comes in lots of other fun colors.


We hope you all have a great week. It is HOT in Texas! Perfect time to use the YETI! :-) We have a giveaway starting tomorrow, so if you still don't follow us on Instagram, you can do it here. All of the giveaway details coming TOMORROW!



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