Tennis Shoes + Dresses = Love

If you have ever been tennis shoe shopping with a kid you know it's VERY important and a big deal. They have to make a statement, be super fast, and of course have to make you jump really high. 

As you get older tennis shoes just become practical or functional and all the "fun" parts from being a kid are gone. But I'm here to tell you, not anymore!! Get ready to find your inner child and take her shopping.  While I can't promise that the new tennis shoe craze can make you run fast or jump high, I can promise you will make a statement. 

Shoes,  here , Dress  here  

Shoes, here, Dress here 

Today I want to break this look down and talk about tennis shoes with skirts/dresses in general. What once seemed like a look for grannies or someone living in a religious compound is now very stylish and OH SO COMFORTABLE! . Jack and I both LOVE this look! In fact, we both rocked it while walking the streets of NY as you may have noticed in some of the pics.

Lets start with the type of tennis shoe that you wear. You don't want to pull out your old chunky clunky gym shoes and think they are going to look stylish with a dress. Cute sneakers are everywhere now and every price point! Remember the cute leopard slip ons from Target I told you about recently?  You don't have to spend a ton of money to achieve this look. Here are some other options here and here .

Shoes,  here   Shirt,  here  , Dress , Bangles  here

Shoes, here  Shirt, here , Dress , Bangles here

Shirt  here , Dress  here  Earrings  here

Shirt here, Dress here Earrings here

I love this black and white dress from Express (here and on MAJOR sale!)  but felt it was a little dressy because of the cut out to wear with my New Balance shoes but I knew it had potential to work. I just needed to dress it down a bit. By simply tying a denim shirt around my waist and putting my hair back  it makes the dress feel more causal. Also, the blue shades in the earrings tie in the denim hues in the shirt. Because the dress has a pattern to it I wanted to keep my shoes simple and solid.

Shirt  here,   Dress  here , Bangles  here  Back Pack  here   and on sale!

Shirt here,  Dress here, Bangles here Back Pack here  and on sale!

One tip to pull this look off is to make sure your outfit is somewhat coordinated from top to bottom, but not competing at all. If your outfit has a lot of colors or pattern to it keep the shoes solid like I did. If the pieces you are wearing are more monochromatic or solids than add some punch with a patterned or colorful tennis shoe. 

Shirt  here  (on sale) Skirt, similar  here ,   Shoes  here  

Shirt here (on sale) Skirt, similar here,   Shoes here 

Here, Jack is able to take a leather skirt (similar here) and dress it down with a tee, add tennis shoes and this look is on pointe! Because the tee shirt is causal she added some necklaces and left her hair down. Notice her shirt and skirt are both solids, so the pattern of the tennis shoes works. Yet, everything is coordinated from head to toe. 

I personally don't think I would wear tennis shoes with a maxi skirt or maxi dress. I think you need to have SOME leg showing, to avoid that whole religious compound look. If you are not comfortable wearing things above the knee you could certainly wear a midi length skirt or dress, which hits just below the knee. Just make sure you make it casual enough with your top or accessories. 

I hope this gives you some new options of ways to wear things you already have! Have you ever tried this look before? If so, how did you style it? Jack and I would love to see/hear!



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