New Year, New Style: 30 Day Challenge

The month of January is "Spending Freeze" month in our house. The holidays are expensive you guys! And after all of the Christmas shopping, more shopping is really the last thing I want to do *gasp*! On top of that, I just spent a good part of my kid's break in pajamas or loungewear (on a good day). I blame my repeat elastic waistband on the pies my sister brought AND left at my house on Christmas Day. Then, to top it off, throw in the colder weather. It's the perfect recipe for a style disaster...or lack of inspiration all together!

Guilty: loungewear & no makeup happening at my son's swim practice. Dead. End.

Guilty: loungewear & no makeup happening at my son's swim practice. Dead. End.

Well, we can't keep going on like this ladies (I know I can't be alone!)! It is time for us to work our closets, and start the new year with STYLE...starting THIS FRIDAY! Kris and I have come up with a 30 day style challenge. Over the next 30 days, there is a guideline of sorts. It could be a new styling tip, something you've never tried, or maybe something you've always wanted to try. This is your chance. These ideas are simple, and work with things you (most likely) already have hanging in your closet or stashed in your bathroom drawer.

THE GOAL: Avoid any and all after-holiday fashion lulls, and start the year off with fashion fun! Getting ready each morning doesn't have to be difficult, frustrating, or depressing. We want you to leave your house each day feeling put-together, confident, and beautiful! 


Jan 15th: Wear stripes today. This classic pattern is perfect for layering and mixing with other patterns (like leopard print, for example)

16: Bright color day! Colder months don't have to mean a black, grey, and navy color palette. Add some POP today.

17: Wear your booties with a skirt. Add some opaque or patterned tights to combat the cold.

18: Break out your white jeans today. #Rebels

19: Incorporate sneakers into your outfit...NOT with yoga pants and your fav tee. 

20: Layer a denim jacket.

21: Add a thin black scarf, neck scarf, or blanket scarf to your outfit.

22: Knot your favorite plaid or denim button-up top instead of the front tuck.

23: Wear a hat today.

24: Wear a bold lipstick (red, berry) Yes, even during the day!

25: Graphic tee day! Vintage if you have one. Add your 3rd piece to make it more polished: cardigan, moto jacket, chunky scarf.

26: Borrow something from your husband.

27: Borrow something from your bestie. Try something a little out of your comfort zone.

28: Layer up on jewelry: bracelet stack, lots of dainty rings, or long necklaces.

29: Go monochromatic with all black.

30: Incorporate a belt into your outfit.

31: Cuff your jeans (new Spring trend we can easily work into our current closet)

Feb 1st: Pile all your hair up. Think top knot, messy bun. If your hair is short, try pinning it up in a new, funky way.

2: Wear a leather (or faux leather) jacket. If you don't have one, now is the time to hit the sales and purchase this wardrobe staple. But for today, wear leather booties instead.

3: Side knot your basic v-neck tee.

4: Add a pop of color with your shoes! Spice up your outfit by adding something unexpected to your feet. Think color, animal prints or metallic.

5: Set aside your basic nude bra and panties. Opt for something pretty and delicate.

6: Pull your hair back (a ponytail, pin it) and wear big, statement earrings.

7: Heels today!

8: Leggings day. Layer up and be sure to cover your booty.

9: Create an outfit with an unexpected color combination. Think mustard yellow with green or burgundy with a lighter pink.

10: Braid your hair...a chunky side braid, front braid, mini braid pinned back...keep it simple or make it fancy. (If you can do a fancy braid, please come over and help me! :-))

11: Dress up your everyday jeans and v-neck tee with a blazer today. Instantly chic.

12: Add a chunky sweater, cardigan, or jacket to the cotton maxi dress/skirt you usually reserve for the warmer months. 

We are all in this together. Please, share the challenge with your friends. Encourage them to try something new. We want to hear from all of you along the way. We will be posting our personal updates throughout the next 30 days on Instagram as well. Comment there, on facebook, email us, or leave us comments right here. 

If you make any posts on Instagram, and use the hashtag #krisandjackchallenge, you will automatically be entered to win a piece of Kendra Scott jewelry. More details to come!

So, are you in?...Or are you out? (Said in my best Heidi Klum accent)



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