Seeing Double In A Boho Pant!

If you follow us on Instagram you saw this picture yesterday! I sent Jack a selfie of my outfit and an hour later she sent me this one back! Love it! Advantages of living in different cities and having the same clothes! We are both in love with these boho pants.  What's not to love about a pant that feels like BUTTTTAAAAA that you can wear with slippers, sneakers, or heels?  



I am so used to wearing "work clothes" every day and this has been such a transition for me. It was super fun to get to wear jeans the first few days but I am quickly over it. I actually text Jack the other day and asked her what else she wears during the day besides jeans and leggings. Side note: if you have any suggestions on this PLEASE leave in the comments. That is where my motivation came from to take these pants from lounging around the house to casual chic!

This style of pant is everywhere right now, I saw these cute ones at Target yesterday. They are technically sleepwear but a rule breaker!!  

For a dressier version, I have these! I actually worked in them. These are great to wear to a baby shower, girls night out, date night, or work! I also have the exact pair but in a this fun black and white printed version. 



So, whether it's lounging around the house, running errands, or a fun girls night out, don't be afraid to experiment with your boho pants!

Have a great weekend!




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