50 Shades of Black

So, remember when I had my PSA on wearing what you feel comfortable in? Well, that post was supposed to be on black jeans, and I never went back to it. Then, we did our little survey on what pieces you are looking forward to for fall and SO many of you said black jeans so I thought I would do a quick post. 

When black jeans came (back) on the scene several years ago I was hesitant. I had horrible memories of my days in West Texas and seeing girls in tight Rocky Mountain jeans, cowboy boots, and sequin shirts. However, today's' versions of black or gray jeans are nothing reminiscent of the country days. 

I took one pair of black jeans and dressed them up or down to show you how you can easily change your look. There are plenty of options out there, so just find what you like best; dark black, lighter black, solid, distressed, ripped, etc. My love for black denim has grown over the last few years. I like that I am still wearing jeans but its a different look. I also really like that, with this pair in particular,  I can buy black dye at my local grocery store and restore them back to their original dark shade if they start fading after a few washes. 

Top sold-out similar  here , Jeans  here , shoes  here , earrings here.

Top sold-out similar here, Jeans here, shoes here, earrings here.

I feel like because I am wearing black instead of the regular variation of blue jeans, my sweatshirt and tennis shoes have a new look; a more put together, polished feel. 

Jeans  here , shirt  here , necklace  here .

Jeans here, shirt here, necklace here.

I wore this outfit to a girls dinner a few months ago and I had a new appreciation for dressing up my denim. Plus, I love all black! By changing out my shoes and shirt (which is so awesome because it is reversible; a fun print on one side and then solid black on the other) it's an entirely different look, and a refreshing change from the regular blue shades of denim. 

You can style your black denim the same way you would your everyday jeans. If they are skinny, roll them up a bit to expose a little bit of ankle, and throw on your booties. Do your front tuck and go. You can easily take your casual Friday up a notch at work. I love them paired with a blazer and heels too; very chic and appropriate for an occasion where your everyday denim might be questionable. Or, pair them with a leather moto jacket for an edgier look. Instead of reaching for your leggings or yoga pants, go for your black jeans. No need to worry about covering your hiney. So versatile! Plus, black jeans are slimming and make you appear longer. Bonus!

Here are some favorite styles in a range of price points:

If you don't already own a pair of black jeans I would seriously advice purchasing a pair to start incorporating into your jeans rotation. 

Have a great weekend!



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