Body Transformation with One Closet Essential!

During a mini closet clean out last week, I realized I was really narrowing down my fitted tee collection...I just wasn't wearing them all. I had pulled out a couple of crew necks, scoop necks, and boatneck tees. I have always said that there are certain basic tee cuts and shapes that flatter different body types. I consistently grab my basic v-neck tee when I am getting dressed. I feel like that is the most flattering on me and I feel best when I wear it (wear what you feel good in!). I decided to do a little photo experiment to see what cuts really look best on different body types.

I had 3 sweet volunteers, all with different body types, allow me to take their pictures before and after. I thought of each woman and assigned the fitted tee cut that I felt would be most flattering on them, as well as the cut I felt would not be as flattering. This is what I found...

I WAS AMAZED BY THE TRANSFORMATION IN EACH! First, I didn't realize I had asked them each to wear a v-neck tee for their 'after' pic (I'm no scientist), but I did, and it worked out. This cut was super flattering for all 3 of them. It minimized bust in one and maximized in another. Wearing a v-neckline emphasized the top of the chest and collarbone which was so beautiful on each woman. The v-shape neck was slimming; drawing the eye down and bringing the body in. It was more feminine overall too. It was a hands-down winner! So, the original experiment I set out to do was cut short.

I am still convinced that there are certain cuts of fitted tees more flattering to certain body types...part 2 coming soon. But I am confident that the v-neck tee is universally flattering and should hang in every woman's closet! 

Try switching your crew neck tee for a v-neck tee when layering a cardigan or jacket. The extra flash of skin will make your layered look more feminine and flatter your figure. You can even dress your v-neck tee up with a statement necklace, skinny jeans, a clutch and heels.

If you don't own a v-neck tee in any basic colors, you can see some of my favorites here (currently ON SALE buy 1, get 1 50% off), here (also on sale), and a splurge here.

Go out and rock that v-neck tee ladies! 






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