Cami Can Do It!

I am the first to admit that I love to check out and try the latest trends happening in the world of fashion. It's fun, pushes me out of my comfort zone at times, and helps me to discover new cuts and styles that work for my body type. But, I depend heavily, year-round, on the classic pieces I have hanging in my closet (some of which have been hanging there for many, many years). I am talking about your favorite white button-up top, black heels, and black blazer. No matter the trend, these things are in heavy rotation. 


When I first started building my work wardrobe after college, I purchased several camisoles. They were a great addition to my very small work-wear selection. They allowed me to easily change up a cardigan and slacks combination by adding a different pop of color or pattern. My little wardrobe became much easier to mix and match and change up.

Cami by  CamiNYC  

Cami by CamiNYC 

My daily dress code has changed since then, but I still rely on the classic cami year round. Instead of walking you through with wordy explanations, I decided to show you just how versatile the feminine silk tank can be with a "welcome to my room try-on session!" (please ignore the unmade bed, no make-up, and occasional dog photobomb...thanks!)

Up first, with a cardigan. I did it the casual way with a long cardigan, distressed jeans and ankle boots, but a short cardigan (like this) with skinny jeans and flats is super chic.

Cardigan: Topshop Booties:  Sam Edelman   

Cardigan: Topshop Booties: Sam Edelman  

Next, under a sweater. I love how you can have the cami peek through for added color and texture. Also, sweaters tend to itch me, so it also works as a protective skin barrier. Ha! Black, gray, and white sweaters get a nice face lift with some added silk and lace.

Sweater:  Leith

Sweater: Leith


Then, work clothes. The camisole with a classic suit is both professional and pretty. Tuck it in to a high waisted skirt, throw on a cardigan, and you are good to go.

Jacket: H&M (similar  here ) Pants:  Target  Leopard Heels: Halogen (similar  here )

Jacket: H&M (similar here) Pants: Target Leopard Heels: Halogen (similar here)

When it gets hot outside, the cami can replace your cotton tank for a day of running errands or fun outdoors event. It adds a little something extra that your traditional tank top doesn't.

Shorts:  Target  Sandals:  Topshop

Shorts: Target Sandals: Topshop

And then there is date night. I paired it here with some skinny jeans and heels (Side note: cobalt blue and forest green are a big color combo for Fall!) You can always add a blazer too!

Jeans: Gap (similar  here ) Heels: Banana Republic (similar  here )

Jeans: Gap (similar here) Heels: Banana Republic (similar here)

Basically, the cami can do it all! Lace, silk, pretty, feminine, classic, versatile and chic- sign me up! The star of my try on session is a cami made by CamiNYC. I love her designs and most of her styles can easily be worn with a standard strapless bra (bonus!). At just over $100, they are pricey. But, I can attest to their excellent quality and fit. When I am purchasing a staple piece like this, I want it to last a long time, so I am willing to invest. FYI-When you sign up on their mailing list, you get 15% off your first purchase and they offer great deals throughout the year!

Jeans:  Vigoss  Bracelets:  Kendra Scott  Sunglasses:  Nordstrom

Jeans: Vigoss Bracelets: Kendra Scott Sunglasses: Nordstrom


There are many camisole options out there though. Here are some other great options:

What is one of your favorite year round pieces? We'd love to hear! One more week of Summer break here in Texas...where did the time go?! Enjoy it!



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