Cure for your Manic Monday Blues

My boys and I (Jack) were doing a little birthday shopping this past week, and I was immediately drawn to these key pendant necklaces. Each authentic key is different and is stamped with an inspirational word. Hope, Dream, Love, and Grace were just some of the choices. They are made in LA and called The Giving Keys. The company encourages you to embrace the word on your key, then pay it forward to someone who needs the message more than you. LOVE IT! I bought two and I am excited to pass them on...after the whole embrace part :-) You can find some different styles here, here, and here. They also do bracelets you can check out here. I also love that the company employs people transitioning out of homelessness. "Where there is great love there are always great miracles." P.S. Men love these too!


While we were out shopping, new shoes for my growing boys were a must. Seriously, does the feet growing ever slow down?! Both boys zeroed in on these colorful Nike tennis shoes. You can check them out here and here. They are the Roshe Run Flight sneakers. I'm no sneaker expert, so these very well could have been out for years, but they were new to me. They are super lightweight and made from one piece of mesh so socks aren't necessary. I thought they would be perfect for the hot Summer months. Love all the neon colors too. My boys love them! A couple of notes: 1. My oldest son, Jackson, would wear socks with flip flops if I would let him, so he picked out some neon no show socks that are super cute and also "the best socks ever". 2. It says online that the shoes Jackson picked are technically girls shoes. They look plenty "boyish" to me. But, if you ever see him, please do not tell him. Thanks!


I am a little jealous of their new shoes (so is my husband), so I am adding a womens and mens style to the wish list!

Since Jack is on the subject of kids shoes I (Kris) have to ask, have you bought your kids any Native shoes? They are so cute and easier to walk in than crocs. AANNNDDD they are oder resistant and you can just hose them off if they get dirty. I was talking to a mom at my daughter's dance class this weekend about them, and she said she actually washes her kid's Natives in the washing machine. Major score! I got these for my daughter (2) and the same pair in Navy for my son (6). They run a little big so I rounded down on sizing even though the website says not to. 

I got a sample of mascara from Chanel recently and loved it. It is so voluminous! I feel like I only need one coat to achieve the same results that most mascaras take me two or three coats to achieve, talk about a time saver. I was sad when my little sample tube ran out but took that as a sign that I should buy some. I know it's a little pricey, but for me it is totally worth it. Next time you walk by a Chanel counter ask for a sample, but beware, you are going to love it!

Have a great short week!



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