Eyebrows on Fleek

"The eyes are the windows to the soul" - unknown

Well, if that is the case then the eyebrows are the very dramatic window treatments that frame out the entire room! I had two friends in one week ask about eye brows and how to shape them and most importantly.....fill them in! We also had a reader post a question and ask if everyone needs to fill in their brows or how you do you know if you should. I am far from an expert on eyebrows, but I do obsess on them, and notice them on just about everyone!!

If you don't agree with me that eyebrows frame the face look at this picture and tell me you still don't think they are important!

Creepy, right? Ok, now that we are on the same page lets talk about shape and shade. There is actually a formula used to figure out the best eyebrow shape for your face. According to www.theperfectbrows.com:

"The shape of your brows can be determined with three simple measuring points that accurately determine the best brows for your face shape. Place a straight object, like a ruler or pencil:

  1. On the inner bridge of the nose going up to the top of the eyebrow. (Not the outer part of the nose.) This is where the brow should begin.
  2. On a diagonal from the outer corner of the nose to the crease of the eye (and keep going to the brow bone!) for where the eyebrow should end.
  3. From the outer iris (the color of the eye) to the top of the eyebrow for where the high point or the arch of the brow should be."

I personally can not do this myself. I am impatient and like to have someone do it for me. Some Ulta's have a Benefit Brow Bar inside of them and they actually map your eyebrows on your face with eyeliner. It is super dramatic but really fun. If you do not have a Brow Bar near you, there a ton of good astheticians out there that can help you.

Now, on to the fill in/shade part. For me, this is the hardest part. I tend to be too light handed when it comes to shading and it makes such a big difference, especially in photos.

Here I am with natural brows:

Not terrible but no "wow" factor, right?

Not terrible but no "wow" factor, right?

Here is one filled and one not filled, just for comparison.


Ok, so how did I do it? Well you all know I have referenced Maskcara before and her awesome makeup blog, I learned about the perfect brow filler from her. It is M.A.C. eyeshadow in Brun and it really does seem to look beautiful on everyone. You can find it here.

I have also used pencils in the past but I think the shadow is easier to work with and looks more natural. I also like it because you can layer it for a darker, more dramatic look. The key is to follow the flow and growth pattern of your natural eyebrow hair. You can buy a pretty pricey brow brush but I got this one by E.L.F. Cosmetics at Target for $3. You can find it here. Jack uses the M.A.C. angled brush here.


I just dip it in the powder and lightly make short, quick, tiny strokes along my brows following the pattern. I take them out past the crease of my eye, where they should end, but stop too short. I like to use a tinted brow gel over them to seal in the shadow and make my natural hairs look darker. You can find the gel I use here. You can find other gel options here and here.


See the difference!?!? Its pretty major if I do say so myself.  I hope this helps!



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