Hair Bump!

Today is a Kris&Jack first! Not only are we announcing the winner of our first ever giveaway (visit Instagram), but today we are giving you a video! 

I have had several of you write in and ask how I "get the perfect hair bump" both down, and up in a pony tail. Being from West Texas, I feel like we come out of the womb knowing how to do this. I mean you know the saying, "the higher the hair the closer to God"? Heck, I have actually had to learn how to tone it down a bit. I got asked once if I wore a "Bump It"! No lie...I can't make this stuff up! So, I thought I would show you some of my tricks for getting "the bump".

Ok, this took major guts for me to do! I mean, who enjoys the sound of their own voice....uh NOT ME!!! But I love y'all so much so I am putting myself out there for you!

Jack filmed this while I was visiting her this week in Houston. I realize the video is "small" so next time I promise to either hold the phone the other way or break out the video camera. Also, I noticed its easier to see and a bit bigger if you watch it on a computer and not from your phone (gasp! I know!). Annnnnd I know the lighting isn't the best. But hey! Not too bad for the first time right?? We are all a work in progress!

If this is something you like and want more of, let us know!! This blog is for you, so don't be shy! If there is something you want to see or know about, please share with us!

Hope everyone has a great Monday and had a wonderful Easter!



My favorite hairspray:  Kenra Volume 25 

My favorite hairspray: Kenra Volume 25 

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