Holiday Shopping Guide: It's fun being a Kid!

This week, for our holiday shopping guide, we wanted to talk about gifts for KIDS! I really like to give kids gifts that won't annoy the parents...basically something that isn't too loud and doesn't make a huge mess. I also don't like to give junk! Here are a few of my favorite picks for kid gifts (on a budget!) that won't end up at the bottom of the toy box after they open them!


I love a cute piggy bank! And a piggy bank that is an actual pig with my kids names on it is a major bonus! I just ordered my kids one of these from Scribbled Peaches, and I know they will LOVE it!  You can find them here  and have them personalized to say whatever you want, in whatever color you choose; black, light blue, orange, green, pink, or purple! You can shop the Scribbled Peach etsy shop at and follow her on Instagram here.

Piggy Bank found  here . 

Piggy Bank found here


My daughter is obsessed with makeup! If you follow us on Instagram you saw that she was perfectly entertained while we spent the morning in the closet during a tornado warning because she got to "do makeup". I grabbed a mirror and a bunch of my make up and let her have at it! I think she was sad when the tornado warning was over and the make up went away. Well, I found this set of pretend makeup and I can't wait to order it for her and a few other little girls I know. It looks and feels like real makeup without leaving a huge mess all over their sweet little faces. 


I (Jack) agree with Kris 100% when it comes to buying gifts for my kids, or someone else's. But, it can be hard to get creative when they see all of the cool toys in the aisles of Target and in tv commercials. Recently, a friend of mine told me about Tinker Crate. It is a STEM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) box subscription for kids. Each month, a new Tinker Crate is delivered and includes a hands-on, educational and creative project for your child to dive into.


The Tinker Crate website says this:

Our goal for our projects is to help Tinker Crate kids to build their problem solving skills, and to gain the confidence and curiousity to tackle problems where there is no one right answer. We want to inspire kids to see themselves as creators and makers, not just consumers.

The Tinker Crate varies in monthly subscription rates. You can find all of the details here. The Tinker Crate has a 9-16+ age specification, but the company offers subscription boxes for other age groups and interests, like the Doodle Crate for your aspiring artist. I love that this gift keeps on giving throughout the year. I am excited to play with it too! 

You can purchase FUN  here .

You can purchase FUN here.

One of my absolute favorite things we use daily in our house is FUN, a bath soap, shampoo, bubble bath and a play-dough like toy, all wrapped in to one, made by Lush Cosmetics. Another girlfriend introduced me to this (I have awesome friends!) and my boys have been using it ever since. It comes in a variety of colors, but the blue FUN has chamomile and lavender in it. It smells amazing and calms my boys down before bed, so its my personal favorite. It is super easy for them to bathe with it and they build stuff, make games, see who can balance it on their head the longest...It's basically a win, win situation. FUN is also an all-natural, vegan product that isn't tested on animals. I think FUN makes the perfect stocking stuffer. And while you are there, check out all of the products Lush has to offer. I seriously haven't tried anything I don't love!

National Geographic Kids magazine  here .

National Geographic Kids magazine here.

A couple of years ago, my boys' besties gave them a subscription to National Geographic for Kids. It was the BEST gift. They loved getting the mail each month and its chalked full of fun games, ideas, pictures and facts. Once the boys started receiving it, I remembered that my grandparents would do this for my sister and me each year, and we always enjoyed getting it. It is the perfect gift for almost any age (they have a Little Kids National Geographic magazine as well), for a girl or boy, and it is only $15! You can find all of the information on how to order here. I think this gift is perfect for the kiddos that might be long distance- no shipping charges and a monthly reminder for the little ones that might not see you as often.

Love these faces!

Love these faces!

Have fun shopping this Christmas for all of the little ones in your life. Seeing my boys' faces on Christmas morning is something that I always look forward to. It's fun being a kid...and fun to be a grown-up that gets to play too!

We hope you all have a great week!



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