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"You’ll love our new Lot 700 series from Levi's®—designed to flatter, hold and lift with innovative stretch. Destined to be a fave with a chic fit that's slim throughout the hip and thigh."-Macys.com

I had not worn Levi's since I was in high school, so when I saw this claim on Macy's website, I was very curious. Flatter, hold, and lift?! Yes, please! I wanted to check it out for myself ASAP!

The number one thing we hear from clients and our readers is, "Buying jeans is so overwhelming!" We agree. There are so many styles, cuts, sizing methods, etc. Well, I took notes while doing my Levi's research and I am going to do my best to break it down for you. 

Top:  Current Elliott  Jeans:  Levi's 711  Booties:  Bar III   Photo by: Abby T. :-)

Top: Current Elliott Jeans: Levi's 711 Booties: Bar III  Photo by: Abby T. :-)

First, I have to agree with Levi's claim, the jeans are pretty perfect. The brand delivers high denim quality for a great price too. I have shopped with several women, all different body types, and each one (including myself) went home with a pair they love.

Before you decide to enter the world of jean shopping (whether it's Levi's or any other brand), ask yourself these pre-shopping questions.

1. What is your budget? Jeans range anywhere from $10 to $500. That is overwhelming just on its own! Answering this will help guide you to the right retailer for your price point.

2. What style are you looking for? (Skinny, straight, boot, flare, or boyfriend) Knowing this is the perfect guide to get you to the rack or shelf you need. It is easy to look around a jeans department, see the sea of blue washes, and turn right around. If you know what style, they are generally all grouped together. Put your blinders on and keep your eye on the target. Don't even glance at the Flares that day if you are looking for skinny's.

3. You don't have to know an exact wash, but you should have an idea: dark rinse, light rinse, colored denim, grey, black or white. Taking too much into the dressing room can be messy, distracting, and once again, overwhelming. You want to have a plan!

There are several styles within the new 700 series. I know that most styles are available at Macy's on sale for around $37. Also, Levi's sizing is done by waist and inseam. So, instead of looking on a 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. scale, you'll be looking on a 26-33 (they do carry Plus-sizes as well) x inseam scale. They offer inseams in 28", 30", and 32" inches. This sizing allows you to get a better, more personalized fit most of the time. I am going to break down the Levi's down by style to help you on your Levi jean journey!

710 Super Skinny: Slim through the hip and thigh with the skinniest leg opening and extra stretch for comfort. These jeans are tight y'all. But, the stretch does make them comfortable. I feel like this style is ideal for tall riding boots. I tried these on in my regular size, but felt like I could easily go up a size in them.


711 Skinny: My personal favorite! No, matter your body type, these mid-rise skinny jeans will look great on you. They are slim through the hip and thigh with a classic skinny leg. They also have added stretch for comfort, but hold their shape throughout the day. I have found that most people go up one size in this style as well. Put this skinny pair of jeans on with booties or flats and you can go all day. I love them cuffed too. I purchased the darker wash in this style last week and have already worn them multiple times. This style is a classic.

Gorgeous Jennifer rocking the  Skinny style  headed to the Rockets game!

Gorgeous Jennifer rocking the Skinny style headed to the Rockets game!

The fabulous Rebekah owning her  skinny Levi jeans ! She paired hers with the  free people tunic  you've seen on the blog many times with a long cardigan. The  tunic  is a perfect year-round piece!

The fabulous Rebekah owning her skinny Levi jeans! She paired hers with the free people tunic you've seen on the blog many times with a long cardigan. The tunic is a perfect year-round piece!

Me, after accepting the fact that I needed to go up a size, and being so happy I did.

Me, after accepting the fact that I needed to go up a size, and being so happy I did.

712 Slim: This style gives you a little extra leg room, but is still considered a skinny jean cut. The leg opening is a little bigger. I feel like this style is perfect to cuff and wear with booties or flats. They did not have this style at my Macy's, so I'm not sure on sizing. If anyone tries them, please let us know.

714 Straight: This style is slim through the hip and thigh but is cut straight down (as opposed to the skinny jean's tapered leg). I find that the straight leg jean is the perfect wear to work style. This style isn't too tight or too baggy. It is a very clean, classic cut; appropriate for any occasion. I like this style paired with flats, a sleek shoe (nothing clunky) or a pointed-toe high heel. This style ran true to size for me. Side note: I did not see this style on Macy's website, but they did have it at the Macy's I went to.

715 Boot Cut: This style is also slim through the leg and thigh and flares from the knee down. The boot cut style was leg-lengthening (Yesss!) I feel like their boot cut style was really more of a flare. They had that 70's flare that is everywhere right now. This style is fun! It looks great with clogs, mules, or boots. They fit true to size.

I would recommend the boot cut WAY before suggesting the Levi's flare style (I'm not even sure they had a number, but if they did, I forgot it as soon as I could). While I did go down a size (always fun), I aged 15 years and went back in time to the "mom jean" era. I wish I would have taken a picture of the back. It. Was. Hilarious. Please notice that the waist hit ABOVE my belly button. I am sure these would look fabulous on some famous runway model, but I am moving on!

Levi's flare style.

Levi's flare style.

721 High Rise Skinny: This style is very similar to the 711 Skinnies but cut with a higher rise. These did not go above my belly button or make my backside look like a giant pancake. But they did hide any muffin top possibility. I honestly felt like the 711 skinny was enough coverage, so unless you are specifically wanting a higher rise, I would opt for the more classic and versatile 711 cut. This style did run true to size for me.

OK ladies, Levi's 101 course has come to an end. What do you think? Worth a try? I am impressed but we would love to know what you think in the comments below...especially after you try them on for yourself. Remember, they flatter, hold, and lift...if only they could make coffee!

Just this morning, my mom "Moo", texted me this note that she found while cleaning out her desk. It is from high school. As you can see, I come by the whole shopping thing honestly :-) Also, I think these are some perfect shopping tips! She really did leave me vitamins, a Coke, and candy. If I was having "coughing attacks", I guess I really needed it! The shopping must go on!


We hope you all have a great weekend! 





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