Manic Monday: Perk-Me-Up

Hope you had a great weekend! I (Kris) can NOT believe that it is August! Where has the summer gone?!?

My picks for Manic Monday this week are nothing that you haven't seen on the blog before, but I realized this weekend that I had not featured two of my most favorite hair products on Manic Monday. So, in case you did not see the "hair bump" video where I first mentioned it, here it is; the greatest hairspray EVER!  It has incredible hold but does not leave your hair feeling like a stiff helmet. Love it!


I also mentioned in the video using dry shampoo, and not just for extending the wash time on your hair. I use dry shampoo on my hair when it's clean to add some texture and grit to it. This is my favorite one. It comes in like 5 different scents, does not make my hair feel chalky and white,  and it's a great price.  

This is only ONE COAT! Cra-zy. You need some! 

This is only ONE COAT! Cra-zy. You need some! 

A couple of weeks ago when I (Jack) went to visit Kris in Austin, she gave me a thing of Younique Moonstruck fiberlash mascara. I had heard of it before but never tried it. She gave me the tutorial and BAM! It looked like I was wearing eyelash extensions! Even my boys noticed right away. I loved how easy it was to apply (I'm no make-up artist). It's as simple as doing a couple of coats of regular mascara, except you alternate between a gel and fibers. Also, I didn't get any black circles/smudges under my eyes throughout the day. Adios raccoon eyes! 

The Younique website says: 

  1. Apply an even coat of Transplanting Gel to lashes.
  2. Immediately Apply Natural Fibers while Transplanting Gel is wet.
  3. Seal the fibers with Transplanting Gel. Repeat until you've reached desired fullness.

The more coats you add, the longer they get. It's like eyelash magic.

Some of my favorite mascaras have been difficult to wash off each night, but this one isn't. I'm officially hooked! My friend Beth, whose eyelashes are ah-mazing by the way, is who I first saw rocking this stuff on Instagram. She is the "Fabulashmama" linked here. You can read more about Younique Moonstruck Fiberlash 3D on her website They sell lots of other products too, but I haven't tried anything else...yet! 

Apparently, there is an even newer updated version from the kind I have. Bring. It. On.

Apparently, there is an even newer updated version from the kind I have. Bring. It. On.

I started the Summer off on a hunt for the perfect backless bra. While some can get away with no bra, I'm a "never leave home without it" kinda gal. But, there are some really cute Summer tops and dresses that won't work with a normal or strapless bra. I didn't want to have to pass any of them up this time around, so my research began.  


I can now officially announce that my favorite is...[drumroll, please]...Lace Ultimate Boost backless strapless bra by Lingerie Solutions by Fashion Forms. I bought mine from Target online but found it here for under $19! They also have a smooth version of the same bra if you prefer that.

The bra has this super sticky adhesive that literally just sticks to your skin...and doesn't move. Not even in Texas humid heat. Placement can be tricky but I've found if you take your time, you can easily get it placed properly. What makes this one different from others I tried though, is the support. It's kinda crazy that you could get so much support AND lift from a sticker bra, but you do!

It says on the box that you can get up to 25 wears if you follow all directions and care for it properly. Having worn it around 7 times, I think that's a stretch but it's still going strong...lifting, and holding, and pushing!

I picked out some cute Summer tops and dresses for you guys that could require a bra like this one...all for under $40! 

So there you have your Manic Monday perk-me-up edition- hairspray that holds, dry shampoo that adds volume, mascara that lengthens, and a bra that lifts. Haha! Gravity doesn't have anything on us! 


kris & jack

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