Not Just for the Boys

A couple of months ago, my boys and I were shopping at Nordstrom. My boys actually love to go there and ask any time they have a break from school if we can make a day of it (I'm convinced its the e-bar lemonade and the escalators). My youngest, Jacob, does have a love for shoes though. On this particular day, I picked up a pair of leather Converse sneakers. The cutest! He agreed and tried them on. All I could think was, "Do these come in my size?" Blossom, our sweet sales associate, immediately went downstairs and brought back a pair of leather Converse high my size! At first I was skeptical. Aren't high tops for Michael Jordan, Kayne West, and...boys?!

I decided to go for it. Jacob and I walked away that day with our matching high tops, and I'm so glad we did. I think they definitely add a "cool" factor to my skinny jeans, with the added bonus of comfort. Styling them can be a bit tricky though. I've found that its best to leave that last shoelace hole unlaced. Lacing all the way to the top can make your ankle look disproportionately small compared to your foot. Unlaced, you are left with a bit of room to move too. In the cooler months, I like my high tops paired with skinny jeans. If they are super skinny, like the pair shown here, I tuck them in the shoe. If my jeans have a little more room, I cuff them at the bottom to have a little bit of ankle show. This helps to keep your look proportionate and flattering. 

Jacob's high tops: Converse ( here ) My high tops: Converse (sold out but similar  here )

Jacob's high tops: Converse (here) My high tops: Converse (sold out but similar here)

When it gets warmer outside, I am going to try them out with a simple cotton dress and cut-off shorts. I love that this shoe can go year-round. I need to get my money's worth!

When I wear my high tops, I do like to add a feminine touch to my outfit. Jewelry is usually my go-to when I am trying to achieve this. But a soft, pastel sweater like I wore here does it too. A silky material, floral print, or delicate top also adds a nice balance to this sneaker look. Layer with a leather or moto jacket and your high top sneaker look is ready for a girls night out. You will be super cute and comfortable! 

High top sneakers:  Converse   Jeans:   Mother  Necklace:  Stella & Dot

High top sneakers: Converse  Jeans:  Mother Necklace: Stella & Dot

Since my initial high top purchase, I have added a leopard pair of Superga high tops (here) and olive green Nike high tops (here). When I find what works, I run with it...just call me Kayne! I also have my eye on this pair from Steve Madden. To get this look for less ($12!), I love these

If the high top look isn't your thing, I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone next time you are shopping. Try on a pair of shoes that you feel like "you could never wear" or a top in a print you like but "could never pull off". Trying something on doesn't mean you have to purchase it. And you might be surprised to find a new wardrobe staple or something that makes you feel fabulous!

Let us know what happens! Happy Monday!



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