Off the Color Wheel...

I worked at the Gap through high school where I sold hundreds of pairs of khaki pants. Most people purchased them for work, some for casual wear. Although I know they were a well-made pair of pants, I always thought they were, well, BORING! It's khaki pants. That meant business casual, school uniform, or Sunday school. Neutral isn't always the most exciting thing. In fact, neutral colors can make you feel kind of dumpy, wash you out, cause your friend to ask if you are feeling ok...

I used to be afraid to even walk towards the dreaded khaki section at the Gap. But, I worked through my fear, y'all. Those neutral colors can actually be quite "dreamy" (as a friend calls them) and very chic. I think there are a couple of things to remember when pulling out the grey, white, brown and beige.

First, TEXTURE! When shopping for those neutral colored pieces, go for the soft silky beige blouse or maybe the thick knit grey sweater. A classic off-the-color-wheel piece becomes a lot more interesting when the texture is bold, like tweed, or smooth, like washed silk.

Second, SHAPE! If you are going grey and bulkier on top, be sure to pair with your white skinny jeans. Neutral colors can easily turn frumpy, so be sure to show your curves either on the top, bottom, or both.

Third, MIX YOUR NEUTRALS! Go chic with a cream silk blouse and your grey skinny jeans. Or wear those boot cut white jeans with the beige sweater you have hanging in your closet. You can mix and match them all because they can go with just about anything. 

Ring  and  necklace  both Kendra Scott. Sunglasses Ray-Ban.

Ring and necklace both Kendra Scott. Sunglasses Ray-Ban.

And last, LAYER UP! Add a chunky necklace, dainty chains, bangles, a scarf, or your cream linen moto jacket.  I love to keep my look neutral by adding silver, gold, or pearl jewelry!

Don't be afraid to step out of the color wheel, ladies! It is a great way to start pulling in those lighter Spring pieces you've been patiently waiting to wear!



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