Playing With Pattern

Since junior high, I have had a basic clothing uniform. If you asked any of my family or friends, they'd tell you, a black shirt and jeans. My closet is filled with black tops in different lengths and materials and jeans of different cuts. The bottom line is, I'm comfortable in it, I love black, and it's easy. I feel like we probably all have our go-to outfits and colors we feel most confident in.

Over the past couple of years though, I've started adding some new colors to my closet and have developed a tiny crush on stripes and plaid. Stepping out of my comfort zone has made me realize that clothes are meant to be fun! Clothing and how you put it together is an opportunity to be creative, express yourself, and try new things. I realize that can be intimidating, but that is why we are here; to encourage, inspire, and help you think out of your "black top and jeans" clothing rut. Patterns are the perfect place to start. They can be bold, cute, exotic, name it. There is one to match your mood. You can even take those patterns a step further and mix them together for a fun and playful yet pulled together look. So, we've come up with some tips to help you get your solid tee comfort zone.

k&j tip #1: Mix the same pattern in varying sizes.

This past week, I pulled out my grey Gap polka-dot sweater. When searching for the right pattern to wear underneath, I went with an Old Navy dark grey smaller polka-dot button up. If you are going to mix two items of the same pattern, one should be big and bolder and the other smaller. Although I pulled from the same color family here, you don't have to. I could have mixed my sweater with tiny polka-dots in red, navy, orange, etc. As long as the matching patterns vary in size, you can really play with color. 

k&j tip #2: Determine your dominate color.

As shown in the pic below, I pulled out my Gap navy & white striped long sleeve tee. I choose navy to be my dominate color. So, I needed to layer it with a scarf or cardigan or belt that had navy as well. I love it paired with this plaid Zara scarf. The combination represents all the primary colors with navy taking the front seat in both pieces.

k&j tip #3: Leopard is a pattern...but not really.

Leopard print is my favorite neutral pattern. I mixed my favorite Sam Edelman leopard flats with an Old Navy black and white tunic in the pic shown above. The tan, beige, and black that usually make up a leopard pattern are what make it so versatile. The leopard flats would be super cute with the polka-dot button-up Old Navy top too. They could even be mixed with a plaid top like the one I picked here.

k&j tip #4: JUST PLAY!

You are really never going to know what works until you try! We encourage you to pull some plaid, stripes, and leopard print out of your own closet and lay it out on the bed. I think you will be surprised to find that your grey & white striped sweater looks super cute with your leopard skinny belt ( outfit!)

Our tips are here to get you started, but we would love to hear about or see what you put together. Tag us at #krisnadjackblog. We can all inspire each other to step out of the box and just play!



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