Public Service Announcement

We interrupt this daily scheduled blog post to bring you a public service announcement......

This post was supposed to be all about how to wear black jeans. Then these photos happened. I hated them. Like HATED them. And if you know me, or my kids, you know "hate" is a bad word. 


I saw this sweater from Banana online and loved it. Then I saw it in the store, and loved it even more. They were having a huge sale and pretty much everything in the store was 40% off, so I grabbed it (didn't try it on...always try it on!) and went on about my day. I loved this top because I thought it was so perfect for this warm Texas weather, but wait, it's Fall, and I want to wear a sweater. Plus, this vest style sweater with the large slit armholes is everywhere right now. So, cute right?  

I got home and put it on with my black jeans (remember that was the point?), had my incredible photographer (eck hmm my husband) snap some pictures. No problem, right? This is the usual method of getting pics for the blog. UM WRONG!

As soon as I put the top on, it just didn't feel like I thought it would or how I imagined it. I checked myself in the full length mirror, doubted myself again, and just walked away. I thought I was having one of those negative self talk days and that surely this shirt was as cute on me as it was on the manican in the store (and in my mind) and I just needed to be confident in it. I mean after all, it's such a cute shirt!!!

While I was taking the pictures for the blog I felt irritable and awkaward and knew they weren't going to be cute. I just hoped that there happened to be at least ONE that would work and that maybe it was all in my head. Sure enough, I looked through the photos and hated all of them (and remember hate is a bad word). I didn't even know who the girl in the pictures was? It didn't look like me, I looked uncomfortable and I certainly didn't look cute. It kind put me in a bad mood to be honest. And I may have had to apologize for being ugly to my husband.

So I changed out of the sweater and into one my new favorite tees (it might look familiar because Jack has it and I HAD TO HAVE IT TOO!) and headed out to lunch with my girlfriend. Something happened as soon as I took the sweater off and put my new favorite shirt on. I felt like a different person. I suddenly felt like me again, comfortable in my own skin and clothes, and I felt cute.  Thi is what lead me to this PSA and away from a blog entry about black jeans.

Just because something is cute and in style or the latest trend, doesn't mean it's for you!!!! Is that top from Banana so cute? YES! It's just not for me. If clothes don't speak to you, or make you feel good, then don't buy them or wear them!! I've always known this. I mean, that's partially why Jack and I started this blog. But, I somehow thought I had become immune to this feeling. I don't know if it's that I thought I knew myself so well, or that "Hey, I am a fashion blogger, its the latest trend I should wear it and tell all my readers about it" but some how I had forgotten about this horrible feeling!

The point of getting out of your yoga pants everyday or your old sweatpants is to feel better. Clothing is an expression of who you are. When you get dressed, you should feel awesome! If what you are wearing doesn't  make you walk a little taller, or smile a little bigger, than what's the point?  Put the yoga pants back on!

When Jack and I started Kris and Jack Blog 9 months ago, part of our mission was to help women feel beautiful. To look on the outside the way they feel on the inside. No matter where you are on your fashion journey, listen to that little voice inside that says "YES! I feel so great in this!" or the voice that says " Ugh, I don't feel good in this". No matter who tells you its cute, or stylish, or a MUST HAVE, if it doesn't speak to you in a positive way, then move on! There is enough negativity in the world and things that can allow you to feel bad about yourself, but clothing and style should never be one of them!!!

While at lunch my sweet friend Erin snapped this picture of me and I loved it. I looked like me again!


We will now return to your regularly scheduled programming (blog posts)......

Have a great weekend beautiful!



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