Rock It or Stop It!

We are all about working your closet and the items you already own; AND, at the same time, keeping those things relevant and on trend. So, we thought it would be fun to show you all a trendy, step-out-of-your-comfort-zone, new way you might rock an item you already own for this Fall season. Although high fashion magazines are always great for inspiration, we want to know if you would ever try some of these things in your everyday life. You tell us: would you rock it or stop it?! Each week, we will feature some new trends to try out and you can vote. If you decide to Rock It, tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #krisandjackrockit. At the end of this series, we are going to pick a winner, and send you one of our favorite Fall trends!

First up, the statement cuff! If you read our Fall trends post last week (here), then you saw the statement cuff bracelet is back in a big way! I (Jack) have never been big on a cuff bracelet. I think they are super cute and provide a lot of look to an outfit, but they never fit me right. For my birthday, I got this Kendra Scott cuff (on sale here)  and the fit is perfect! I wore it all day Sunday and didn't think twice about it- LOVE IT!

Kendra Scott gold statement cuff  here . 

Kendra Scott gold statement cuff here

So, to take this trend a step further, the "fashion influencers" are taking their statement cuff bracelets and putting them over their long sleeve button-up tops. If they have two matching cuffs, they are putting one on each arm.

The cuff bracelet is basically used to add embellishment to the classic blouse style. So, I tried it. I like it. I thought it was fun and a little funky. I think I would have liked it more if I had a matching cuff on the other arm, but am not going to run out to Kendra Scott to buy a matching cuff. Either way, I think I will ROCK IT this Fall. I know Kris has been casually shopping for a statement cuff and she would ROCK IT too!

But the big question is, would you ROCK IT or STOP IT?!


I (Kris) have vivid memories of my mom and cousins wearing two different earrings in the 80's; along with huge hair filled with Aquanet and frosty blue eye shadow. While I'm not sure the frosty blue eye shadow will be back anytime soon, the two different earring look is. What do you think? I'm kind of on the fence about it. I don't think it will be my go to everyday look but I think for a night out with the right outfit, I may try it. It kind of makes feel a little edgy and cool. If I do wear this look, I would let the earrings make the statement. I wouldn't wear a necklace and my bracelets will be to a minimum. Save the arm party for a different day. 

When choosing what two earrings, I choose two pairs that were somewhat similar but different in shape and size; in this case, it's that they are both gold and have similar texture. You want it to look intentional, not as though you got dressed in the dark. Kind of like pattern mixing, make sure there is at least one color or metal that runs throughout. I picked some mismatched earrings (that you can actually purchase as a set) if you like the look but are hesitant to try mixing your own earrings. I can tell you that this 80's throwback scares Jack, but I can see her liking a linear/stud combo like some of the choices below.

What do you think? ROCK IT or STOP IT?


We can't wait to hear all of your responses...and hopefully some Instagram tag action (#krisandjackrockit)! We always want to see what you all are wearing! 



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