Rock It or Stop It: Week 2

We LOVED hearing all of your responses to our Rock It or Stop It last week. Almost all of you said you would rock the cuff over your sleeve, while only a handful said they would channel their inner 80's gal and rock the 2 different earring trend.

Moving on to this week! We noticed this first trend everywhere during New York Fashion week. Kris and I both kept doing double-takes as these beautiful women walked past us wearing their button-up shirts over their shoulders. We even spotted one woman wearing an oversized button-up (we assumed it belonged to her husband or boyfriend) as a shoulder-bearing dress. 


To do this trend is easy...most of you probably have a button-up blouse lurking in your closets. All you do is unbutton your top to the point of wearing it comfortably pulled down over your shoulders. It surprisingly doesn't pull much, but if you are concerned, a little piece of fashion tape would add security. I tried the trend with two different tops. I found that one with a little more structure was stiff and harder to move around in. The top I have on has a little extra stretch and I found it to be more comfortable.

Top:  Gap  (40% off your purchase with code EXTRA) Jeans:  One Teaspoon  Shoes:  Steve Madden  (on sale!)

Top: Gap (40% off your purchase with code EXTRA) Jeans: One Teaspoon Shoes: Steve Madden (on sale!)

While I am not sure I would wear this on a date night, I did like it more than I thought I would. I love the idea of taking the classic button-up from day to night. It's really working your closet! I also like the effortless yet chic feel to it. Its a casual-cool sexy vibe all rolled in to one.

It's your turn! Would you Rock It or Stop It?

Back View

Back View

Sometimes I (Kris) wish that I could  record the conversations Jack and I have on the phone. We literally change topics faster than I can take a breath sometimes. And the level of seriousness, or depth rather, varies from fashion trends and the blog to parenting struggles, life hurts, and marital advice. But we literally go back and forth so fast it's hard even for me to keep up. I cherish these talks more than I could ever put into words. Some topics we stay on longer than others, and I have to admit, when we started talking about he bandana trend, the music stopped for me. I'm sorry what!?! Ummmm what did you say? She immediately loved it, but I, on the other hand, was not a fan. All I could think of was Woody and Jessie from Toy Story (too many kid movies!!) and how can this possibly be cute?!?!

Jacket:  Old Navy  (35% off your $75 order with code ENJOY) Top: Trouve sold out similar  here  Jeans:  Blank NYC  Shoes: sold out similar style  here

Jacket: Old Navy (35% off your $75 order with code ENJOY) Top: Trouve sold out similar here Jeans: Blank NYC Shoes: sold out similar style here

So when we started the Rock It or Stop It series, I was assigned "The Bandana" and I groaned. But then I tried it on and quickly changed my tune! Y'all! I like it. It's like the perfect combination of a scarf and a necklace! It keeps your neck warm and makes a statement!! 

For a more scarf-like version, you can also fold the bandana to make a long strip, and tie it around your neck like you would a short neck scarf. The knot can go in the front or back. It's a really fun, more modern take on a classic. Plus, how can you not love a $0.99 statement accessory?! Gotta love Hobby Lobby! 


So, now we want to know, would you ROCK IT or STOP IT?

Remember, if you try any of these trends out, post them and include the hashtag #krisandjackrockit. We have a giveaway for one lucky reader at the end of this series!

Hope you all have a fabulous week! Rock whatever you wear this week!





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