Sunny Side Up!

Little known fact, when I was in high school I was a lifeguard. I worked at a very small country club and the pool was never that busy, which meant I was basically paid to get a tan and play with kids in the pool. I LOVED it! I think that is where my obsession with sunglasses began.  They are now one of the staple things I can't leave home without. Not only because they make me look stylish when I have no makeup on, but because I legitimately have sensitive eyes and hate squinting! And if that weren't reason enough to wear them, one of best friends was just told by her eye doctor that she is getting sun damage in her eyes!!!! How scary is that?! 

Going shopping for sunglasses can also be like going shopping for jeans, you really need a friend there with you to say "YAY!" or "NAY!". So today, I want to take you shopping!  I want to share with you some of my favorite sunglasses at all price points (starting at $17) for different face shapes.

Heart, Oval or Square...

I am a square (only when talking about face shapes!!) so lets start there. I bought these Ray-Ban glasses in March for my birthday. I am sure you have seen them in a few pics I have posted lately like this one from my travel post last week.


I love the throw back with these. I swear I had a pair just like them in high school. Here is a similar pair for way less from about a major steal! If it's round glasses you like, I love these too! And, while we are on the square face shape, we cant forget the beloved Aviators!

my main squeeze

my main squeeze

I love how creative you can get with these, I mean they come in SO MANY options! All the different lenses, frames, and really can come up with just about any color combo you want. I have to say I love both of these styles, but I tend to favor my glasses that have a heavier frame.


They just feel more secure on my face, provide excellent sun coverage, and are more durable. I got mine last year but found similar here and here .


Beautiful rounds!  Glasses that are on the square side tend to be the most flattering for you. These classic Wayfarer glasses from Ray-Band give you just as many creative options as aviators. You can choose your size, frame color or lens color. I found a less expensive one here. If you like a heavier frame like I do, thesethese and these are a great options too.


Last but not least, hearts! Butterfly shapes are going to be the most flattering for you. Here, here and here, are some that I love.  All of these are on the heavy side for frames but if you are looking for an aviator or thinner style frames,  here are some that would be just as flattering.

Don't forget about the little eyes in your life, they need some sunny love too!


What are your favorite sunglasess? I would love to see! Comment below or post a pic and tag @krisandjackblog or hashtag #krisandjackblog next time you wear them.



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